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Garage Door Opener Replacement Services

A Beginner’s Guide To Garage Door Opener Replacement Services

While rarely considered as such, the garage and garage door are integral parts of one’s home and require as much care and maintenance as any interior item. Unfortunately, the majority of garages are left unattended for prolonged periods of time. Yes, one may question this statement arguing that an individual can utilize the garage daily; however, the question remains as to how much attention that individual really pays to the garage door and its various mechanisms. Due to neglect a garage door can break rather easily and should be maintained regularly. This article will provide information on repairing the garage door opener.


The first fact to consider when completing a garage door opener replacement service is to disconnect the electricity supply, if the garage uses an electric opener. This must be done to prevent any chance of electrocution; as well as ensuring that the garage door will not be moved while one is working on it. It is also recommended that one remove the garage door pulley to ensure that the door does not fall on one during the replacement. Once all these precautions have been taken one can begin repairing the door opener and replace the different door opener gears.

Garage Door Opener

The Type Of Malfunction

When completing garage door opener replacement services, it is important to consider the extent of the damage. Certain projects can be completed effectively using a simple adjustment of the door – this is often seen in the case of sticking or jammed doors. This project can be completed by merely tightening some lose nuts or using a hammer to hit the door back into place.

If the garage door opener is presenting with erratic opening and closing, it may be due to a depressed key in the controller and not a defective garage door opener. This can be repaired by releasing the depressed key or replacing the controller completely. Replacing a garage door opener can be a costly business and it is recommended that one seek out the simplest solution.

If neither of the above examples are representative of the problem, the defect may life in a specific section of the opener circuit. The door opener is a complex mechanism and utilizes many gears to provide the opening/closing function. A complete DIY repair project is required if one of these gears is malfunctioning.

Replacing And Repairing The Door Opener

After taking precautions, one is required to open the retainer cap of the belt pulley and remove any belt or chain from the door sprocket. This will remove the chance of injury and allows for easier access to the defective mechanisms. One must then remove the end covers of the retainer cap and expose the different gears that may be affected. Remove the drive gear, the retainer clip, the RPM sensor, and disconnect the motor.

The motor is held to the door shaft by an assembly of nuts. To remove the motor one must remove the nuts using appropriate equipment. Once the motor has been removed, one can remove the gear box and either repair or replace it. Once the system has been fixed, it is necessary to reattach the different items using the correct equipment.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various points to take into consideration when repairing or replacing a garage door opener. While one can complete this task independently, it is recommended that one hire trained professionals to ensure high quality work.